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Related post: Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 12:24:56 +0100 From: Nigel gay porn teen cocks Dean Subject: Military Story - Refordming GillHere's fee teen porn videos a little tale which I hope teen girls masturbation porn you will enjoy - please e-mail me and tell me what unlegal teen porn you think. Add me to your MSN if you wish."That fucking Gill's gay, you know that !"I nodded my head."Shit I hate teen porn site sisters him !"So did I."You probably won't have to teen girls swimsuit porn put up with him for much longer," I offered in reply.Corporal Steven Gillmore, Gill, was not a popular figure and it had fallen to my bad luck to have him as deputy in my squad. His presence was a hindrance to porn russian teen the team and I would be glad to be rid of him. To achieve that end I nude teen girl porn would give any false reference to help clips porn teen speed his departure.I had been a member of the local Army Cadet Corps for several years graduating to become a junior leader and holding the rank of Sergeant in the Territorial Army. The Territorials or TA are a sort of part-time force, one that could be called upon to support the interracil teen porn regulars if ever free barefoot teen porn needed and a source of leaders for the junior Army Cadet Corps. I was in charge of a squad comprising ten lads aged from eighteen to nineteen and Gill was both my deputy and universally despised.Gill gave me the creeps. The way he spoke using a phony accent, the youngest german teen porn way he sucked up to spicy asian teen porn superiors and the way he bullied the lads just made him someone not to be liked. It was a waste for he could have been a good member of the team and believe me I had done my best teen fucked to change him. I like to think the lads in the squad looked upon me as a big brother and I can not let a fucking teen porn false modesty tell you I was as universally liked as Gill was disliked. If only it wasn't for Corporal Gillmore ours would have been a great unity. But as it was worlds hottest teen porn I was always having to make excuses for him to the boys and for ever telling him to treat the lads with more respect, to stop bullying them and constantly looking for fault.When teen porn maryanne the CO told me that Gill was being considered for promotion and a squad of his own I felt that my prayers had been answered. I am afraid that free teen mature porn I did not give much thought to the hot teen porn pictures gay teens under 18 poor buggers who would be under his command, instead I determined to do all possible to speed his departure. I would lie before hot porn teen images a brutalo teen porn Field Marshall if I had newbees teen porn to, anything to be rid of him. One of Gill's promotion exercises was left to me to assess, he was to organise and take charge of a week-end camping expedition in a forest teen ass and tits in Wales. It was a miserable prospect for us all but teen celeb porn pics as I mentally composed my report big lips teen porn only words of praise for my deputy formed in my mind.Eleven o'clock on the Saturday and the squad members legal teen asian porn were all in bed, squashed into a round army teen sex pix bell tent. Gill and I were accommodated together in a smaller ridge tent pitched some twenty yards away. He and I had walked to the edge of the clearing in the trees in order to smoke a cigarette before turning in ourselves. I was eager to get any conversation Gill had in mind over gauge teen porn before we got into bed, the last thing I wanted to free teen porn vid stop me sleeping was the sound of his voice."I'll just finish this cigarette," Gill said, "then I'll check on the boys."I just could not stand the way he downloadable black teen porn spoke. Twenty-two years old and brought up in a perfectly ordinary semi-detached suburban home Gill tried hard to emulate the accent of a spoilt public schoolboy. The more serious his expression the more pronounced and phony this accent became."Leave world of teen porn them," I advised. "There's no need to keep checking on them. They'll never go to sleep if you don't leave them alone.""But you don't know what they could be up to.""Bloody hell Gill," I was losing my patience, "we are in the middle of fucking nowhere ! They're probably doing nothing tiny teen sluts more than having a wank !" I drew heavily on my cigarette. "Isn't that what you did when you were their teen porn gallerie age ?""Well they aint doing it on this exercise when I claire teen tryout porn am in charge.""Leave it out Gill," I protested. "And don't tell me you don't wank !"It was dark but there was a full moon and I am certain I could detect by its light the fact that Gill was blushing."Do you gay teen porn pics ?" Was preggo teen porn his reply."Of course I do," I spat out, "and I aint too embarrassed to admit teen hardcore gangbang porn it." I was a year older than Gill and had been wanking since round about my twelfth birthday.Gill hesitated with his reply then said, "But in a sleeping free teen porn star bag ? That's messy !" God that phony accent, how I hated it."That's for their mums to worry about when they get 14 years teen porn home. It's not your problem now."Gill said nothing in reply, we both drew on our cigarettes before flicking them to the floor and stubbing them out with the toes of our boots. The silence was awkward but I didn't care, I wasn't in the mood for Gill's nonsense so eventually turned away teen hardcore porn movies and began bisexual female teen porn to walk towards our tent."Everyone thinks I am gay don't they ?" He said calling after me.I stopped and turned back to face him. "So what if you are ?" I shrugged my shoulders."But they all hate me !"He sounded sad. I paused for a moment then said, "They don't hate you, they just don't like you very escort girl teen sex much. It's got nothing to do with if you are gay or starfire teen titans porn not. That doesn't matter, it's the way you speak to people and teen brunette porn the way you treat them, and that teen gay boy videos fucking phony accent you will insist on using !"This time I was certain he was blushing."Sorry," Gill said in a normal voice, one I had not heard before and minus any pretence at an accent. "Yes I am gay and I am scared by teen porn video free that ! I've got to hide it from everybody teen gay pics so that's why I am like I am."He sounded wretched and I actually naked young teen porn began to feel free access teen porn sorry for him. I looked at him a tall muscular young man but right hott teen porn then every inch pathetic."The voice," he tried to explain, "I use it to disguise myself, I am so scared I may sound camp."'"Gill look at yourself will you mate, you are so black teen nude macho you could make an SAS trooper look like a cissy, nobody teen vs old porn could ever accuse you of little teen nudes being sister teen porn camp ! So what if you are gay, this is the twenty-first century not the fucking nineteenth !" The words were tumbling out of my mouth, I was on a roll, before I could stop myself I said it. "Look at me," I held my arms out to my sides, "I'm fucking gay !"Then there was silence again. I am not sure how long it took Gill to believe what I had just said, I am not sure how long it took me to believe what I had just said. Anyone who knows me today will be aware that I teen fun sex vids am more out than Elton John but back then this was my first admission to anyone concerning my sexuality. I hadn't even done anything with a sample videos teen porn guy german teen nudes but I knew for young girl teen porn certain that I was gay.Gill was puzzled. "But I am a virgin," he mumbled."Steve, do you want to know something ? So am I."His puzzlement turned to astonishment, not at what I had said but the way I had said it. "You called me me Steve just then, not Gill.""That's right, I don't like Gill - nobody does - but I quite think I would like to get to know Steve." He smiled ever so slightly shining a thin line teen gang porn of white between his lips reflecting in the moonlight. A whole new character was starting to form on his face.Taking a step towards my new friend I said, "Time we both lost something Steve.""What ?""Our virginity."I reached behind my friend and placed a free teen gile porn hand on each of his firm buttocks. For as long as I could remember I had fantasised about this moment, how I would seduce or be seduced and lose my male virginity. In the teen porn modeling agencies reality of such matters I may have been total novice but in my mind I black teen sex clips was an expert, I now applied my expertise with vigor.Steve brought his face close to my own, his lips quivering. My hands moved to pull his head towards me, our lips met and we began to kiss. The kissing lasted an age, how wonderful it was. beautiful busty teen porn My cock was as hard as a rod of forged iron, I pressed my body close to Steve so he could feel my arousal. In reply I sensed his manhood against my own. Pulling away ever so slightly free teen video porn I nodded towards the woods and away from the clearing where our small camp was located. Excitedly we ran for some fifty yards before halting and furiously ripping one another's clothes off. teen porn lesb We fumbled over the heavy lacing of our army boots, Steve laughed as I stumbled and fell onto my back. He held out a hand to pull me up and once again we were embracing. This time our naked bodies pressed hard against each other as we began again began to kiss.The sensations that surged through my being were many times greater than anything I had previously fantasised even in my wildest dreams of anticipation for this moment. Steve was taller than I and significantly broader in the shoulder, his strong muscles held me tight against him. Our stiff and throbbing cocks were pressed hard together. I would have been content to hold this position for ever but there were greater delights awaiting us. anel teen porn Moving my friend's arms I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.Steve had a cock which in the now semi-darkness I short teen porn estimated to be in the order of eight or possibly more inches. Holding the shaft in my hands I gently kissed the head then teen porn blowjobs teased it with my tongue before gently taking it inside my mouth. He leaned back and sighed loudly and whispered, "Thank you."In my dreams I had so many times wondered what another cock would taste like, now I knew and my wildest dream teen porn dreams were being shown up as totally inadequate. I took it inside and stroked round with my young teen slut vids tongue. I want to be able to describe the taste to you but there are few words powerful enough to express the wonder of that I held inside my teen lesbian rape porn mouth. A favorite sweet or wine from the finest vineyard pale into insignificance against it. Again my hands reached round hot teen porn stars and found Steve's buttocks, with a hand on each I pushed him gently towards me until I had all of him inside my mouth. How such a large cock teen porn duration long fitted inside me I can not tell but the feeling was superbly magnificent. I held it all for a time I can not calculate then released sufficient of its length fat teen porn girls to enable me to suck and draw upwards that beautiful man-juice I knew Steve was wanting to share. Steve's lower abdomen was pressed against my face and I could feel faint drops of perspiration, I breathed in deep so as to engulf myself in their sweet perfume. My friend was breathing deeply and heavily, sighing loudly and I could feel the pulse of his blood pumping round his body as his cock throbbed in my mouth. Harder and harder I sucked until he squirted nectar into my mouth, it hit the nude xxx teen porn back of my throat and hot teen nude exam trickled down tracing teen big tits fuck a warm line inside my chest. Only when he was completely spent did I release that stunning manhood from my mouth.Standing up I gently kissed my friend before placing hands on his shoulders to turn him round. abc teen porn dog teen sex Steve reached forward and placing his hands against a large tree braced amature teen porn pics himself. I tried hard to clips of teen porn see those firm buttocks but in the dim light and shadows used my hands to feel and portray a picture to my mind. Round and round my hands slowly moved, fingers tracing their gay teen boys free way over every contour until they moved between the cheeks and felt their way porn teen gangbang inside. Pushing gently with my index teen 18 porn finger Steve tensed and I held back."No teen porn photo gallery don't stop," he whispered. "I teen porn 4 free never knew it could be as good as this."A porn teen explotation second finger joined to probe a way inside. teen seven porn As I felt the way relax and widen I latina teen lesbo porn withdrew and entered my friend with my hard manhood. It was hurting him I knew but I did not hesitate until I was totally inside. Steve pinched his buttocks together gripping me hard."If this is being gay," he said, "bring it on !"I porn teen sluts did not disappoint him. Withdrawing slightly then thrusting back slowly at first then faster and faster I continued to take away Steve's virginity at the price of my own. My hot breath hit his back and blew back into my own face bringing with it the smell of manhood, unleashed manhood racing to a climax. I pushed in harder and deeper my groin beating against those hard, firm buttocks. My hands were round Steve's chest locked together fingers gripping tightly. My heart beat inside my chest like a battle drum and thumped onto my friend's back.Finally I came, came long and hard staying teen gay porn xxx inside Steve for an age. Eventually I lesbian teen pictures withdrew exhausted but unbelievably happy, and strangely happy for us both. Gill no longer existed, he as gone for ever. free teen women porn Steve and I went back to our dirty blonde teen porn tent to spend the toon teen porn night in each other's arms. I slept content and happy.The teen girl porn lesbian next day was every bit as good as the day before had been bad. The final day of the camping exercise was a brilliant success by every factor listed on the check sheet I had been given with which to assess my corporal. He was certain to gain his promotion but now I did not want to lose teen porn pics 75x75 him from my squad. A new atmosphere of camaraderie existed among us all, the lads appreciated it without comment, save that is for one."That fucking Gill's teenie teen porn all right, you know that don't you ?"I smiled and nodded then said, "You mean Steve ?""Yes, that fucking Steve's all right."Again I nodded. I knew he free teen nude pictures was more than all right ! I hope you enjoyed my little story - please e-mail me: - add me to your MSN if you like. I look forward to hearing from you.
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